Crisis & litigation Communication

Critical situations require special attention and competence. We support you with experience, expertise and an excellent network concerning all internal and external communication issues. Crisis communication is our strength: the handling of very difficult situations, particularly with regard to litigation with a high public potential.

We in strengthen the reputation of our clients strategically and operationally by means of targeted measures and core messages. We know the legal system, media effects as well as corporate communications in Africa and on the major international financial markets extremely well. Clients in Europe an overseas count on our experience.

From former journalists to lawyers, our crisis and litigation experts help clients mitigate reputational risks. At the heart of our process is an actionable road map to navigate crises through strategic communication and stakeholder engagement.

HPS International Consulting's crisis and litigation offering rests on four foundational mandates: prepare, listen, engage and manage. We prepare a client before an issue unfolds. We listen to what’s being said across channels, engage based on findings from research and reporting, and manage and evaluate to measure impact and optimize the positive.

Our team has decades of experience in the crisis and litigation field. We've successfully partnered with corporate, nonprofit and public-sector clients to craft and execute stakeholder-focused strategies that protect long-term reputation, maintain organizational objectives and achieve overall results. That's how we raise visibility for and differentiate our clients in the marketplace.

Our range of services for companies, authorities, associations or public exponents:

  •  Crisis Communications | CrisisPrevention
  •  Litigation Communications | Litigation-PR
  •  Corporate Communications │ Reputation Management
  •  Executive Consulting │ Coaching
  •  Media Monitoring | Media Reporting

Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.