Financing & Capital advisory

Since 2007, HPS International Consulting has been raising project financing and transaction advisory services to African governments, multinational institutions and global investors.

We receive numerous applications for all types of project financing and as we do not act as finance brokers we recommend the most appropriate source for a project’s evaluation.

  •  For government and public institution we work by invitation only.
    We can arrange long-term Debt and private equity financing for infrastructure project in African Countries from international development banks and multi-lateral agencies and development financial institutions to help make infrastructure project development under the OECD consensus.
  •  If you are private institution looking for funding and have a great project that makes commercial sense and return on investment, perhaps
    • • An industrial production project
    • • Buy or sell trade opportunities
    • • Residential or commercial Real estate development
    • • Major media project
    • • Hotel and resort development
    • • Renewable energy project
    • • Medical Centre development
    • • Micro finance and financial services
  •  We can definitely help you if your project can meet the following criteria:
    • • You have a capable management team
    • • Your project is economically, financially viable and asset-worthy
    • • The project is a minimum value of 5 million USD (only in special cases we will accept low amount)
    • • You have a minimum of 1 million USD in liquid cash that is available for use for your project
    • • Or you have collateral of at least 75% of the value of the total project funding amount

If your answer is yes for all of these preliminary qualified questions, then HPS International Consulting has a funding programm in place you have been searching for and will get your project funding quickly

HPS International Consulting can get up to 100 % of you domestic or international project funded

We will get the funding that we said we can

Please take a minute to fill up the request form now to get your funding process starting today or to a quicker response contact HPS International Consulting firm in your region.

We do not charge up-front fees or any other hidden fees for Project Financing,

We charge a percentage success fee only

Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.